Important Information/FAQ

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What paints do you use? – I use TAG, Fusion and Global face paints which are high quality, professional cosmetic face paint products. These are designed for using them on the skin. Glitters are also safe, cosmetic glitters, safe for the skin.

Who can be painted? – Kids over 2 years old can be painted, smaller children can have a small design on their cheek or hand. I am not able to paint anyone who has a contagious illness, or who has open sores or wounds. Alternatively I can offer small designs on hand.

Are face paints suitable for sensitive skin? – I only use professional, cosmetic products which are specially designed to the most delicate skin, they are non-toxic. However if a child has sensitive skin or any skin conditions that may be aggravated by cosmetics, I do not recommend they be painted. If you wish I can try a small test area on their arm.

Although it is extremely rare, I can not be held responsible for any allergic reaction if the parent/guardian has given their permission.

How to wash the paints off? – These paints are water based and can be removed with water or good quality wet wipe. Most of the paints are easy to wash off, however some colours can be a little harder to remove. For these I recommend to use coconut oil/olive oil/make up remover. It is recommended to clean the face before going to bed.

However these are safe paints, take extra care not to wash the paint into the eyes. If the paint goes into the eyes, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water. Please see the Safety Data Sheets: TAG Safety Data Sheet 2020Fusion Body Art – Safety Data SheetGlitter powder Safety Data Sheet .

How do you clean your face painting gear? – Brushes and sponges are thoroughly rinsed between clients and sterilised between parties.

What happens if a party is cancelled? –If a booked party/event is cancelled, $30 cancellation fee will apply. In case of last minute cancellation or modification (within 5 working days of the event date) the full amount of the quote is non refundable.

What do I need to supply? – You don’t have to supply anything. I provide all my face painting gears, tables and chairs, balloons. I can paint outdoor or indoor. I only need a covered place in case of rain, or shaded place in case of sunny, hot days.

Do you entertain with balloons? – Yes, I do balloon twisting too. These are simple and fast designs to avoid long waiting. I offer this entertainment for over 3-4 years old children. Little ones may bite the balloons which is not safe because of the risk of swallowing small parts. As kids will keep their balloons after the party too, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure children don’t swallow any parts.

How many balloons can you make on a party? – Depending on the design I can make about 15-20 balloons in half an hour. When you book for balloon twisting it means each child gets one balloon creation! There can be accidents and the balloons need fixing, or a balloon pops out and the child is crying, of course I will make another one. But the offer is always for 1 balloon/kid. Sometimes kids come back for asking for a second balloon… unfortunately if I start doing the second balloons, that means another round for everybody, because it is not fair one kid has two balloons and others have just one. So please understand, 1 balloon for each child:) – Optionally you can book me for double time:)

Privacy of using photos on the website and Social media pages – All photos on my website and my Facebook page has the permission to use from the parent or caregivers. Generally photos are cropped highlighting the painted design itself. Photos are solely used for marketing purposes. Please contact me if you want a specific photo to be removed.

Data and Information security – Provided information and data by the customers (in the contact section) is held in secure and will not be given to a third party. This information may be needed to contact customers by phone or email if questions arise regarding booking.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Minimum booking is 1 hour. 
2. Your party/event is confirmed once the deposit, at least $30 is paid. By booking you accept Terms&Conditions and the Cancellation policy.
3. Full payment required latest a week (7 days) before the event.
4. If you have more than 45-50 kids, or want to book for 3 or 3+ hours, please ask for a special quote.
5. If your event/party is further than 20 km from Central Tauranga, there is an additional travel cost. 
6. Cancellation policy: If a booked party/event is cancelled, $30 cancellation fee will apply. In case of last minute cancellation or modification (within 5 working days of the event date) the full amount of the quote is non refundable.

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact me!